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New State of Florida Requirements

Please review this information

In 2023, a new law under Florida State Statute §327.54 Liveries; safety regulations; penalty- was created. The livery permit is issued and supervised by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission who require paddlesport rental companies such as, H2O Adventures & More LLC to comply with application for a livery permit. They also require that we must post a "Personal watercraft/jet boat rental safety" sign and for each renter to complete a "Pre-Rental / Pre-Ride Instruction checklist", which we must retain for 90 days. Additionally, they require the livery to retain documentation for one year and it must include the following: the renters name, date of birth, address, number of people aboard the vessel (kayak) and an emergency contact. Therefore, and based on these new requirements, we revamped and consolidated our waiver to include all of this information. Our new waiver's back page now includes minor child(ren) and has adventure specific legal acknowledgments.

What is an adventure specific legal acknowledgment and will it pertain to my planned adventure? It was on the previous waiver for fossil hunting but now we've added two others to keep consistent with the State of Florida's legal requirements specific to:  "FOSSIL HUNTING", "PADDLING EVENTS (KAYAK)" and SALT WATER FISHING & SCALLOPING. 

These examples may assist you with completing the new section of the waiver:

1)  If planning to go fossil hunting on foot, you would only fill in the section titled "FOSSIL HUNTING". 

2)  If planning to go fossil hunting via kayak, you will fill out the "FOSSIL HUNTING" & "PADDLING EVENTS (KAYAK)" sections.

3)  If planning to go on a scalloping trip via kayak, then you would complete the "PADDLING EVENTS (KAYAK)" & "SALT WATER FISHING & SCALLOPING" sections.

4)  If planning to go on any of the following paddling events (eco-tour, bioluminescence, sunset, full moon, swim with the manatees or other), then you complete the "PADDLING EVENTS (KAYAK)" section. 

* Please note these same scenarios apply for those "tagging along"

If you aren't sure how to complete the waiver or have questions, I will be happy to help you.

Please contact me (Ryn) at (813) 784-3396. 


Pre-rental / Pre-Ride Instruction checklist

Specific to kayak rental & events utilizing kayak(s).

Please print and complete this checklist.
Please note, some items on this checklist will not apply as kayaks are human powered, for those items please mark "N/A". Otherwise, please initial all other items, which you agree to and understand.


Please print and complete

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