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We enjoy having children under 18 participate in our adventures but they must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 18.

We have a fleet of sit on top user friendly kayaks ranging from 6 ft to almost 14 ft long, which seat one, two or three people. Our equipment is well-maintained and all kayaks, paddles, paddle leashes, seats, lifejacket’s and other equipment are sanitized after each use.


Before any rental or adventure we will provide general safety information and tips as to how best to manage the kayak and/or equipment so you are comfortable before setting out. When utilizing our kayaks and equipment you must adhere to the following rules, guidelines, and restrictions as outlined below, as well as, those listed under the FAQ tab.

  • Waivers must be signed by everyone, including minors who plan to utilize our equipment.

  • Lifejacket's shall be worn at all times while paddling.

  • For safety reasons, each kayak is to be used by one person, with the exception of children  under 5, who may be unable to paddle on their own or when using a tandem kayak. This  is based on compliance with maximum weight limitations per kayak specifications.

  • Damage to any rental gear (kayak, seat, paddle, paddle leash, lifejacket, as well as, any equipment specific to nighttime navigation, scalloping and fossil hunting) due to the misuse of and/or exceeding product specifications will be at the expense of the participant.

  • Remember to use common sense when utilizing our kayaks and equipment as you are responsible for them while they are in your possession.


We stock several brands of sit on top kayaks so when you call to schedule your rental let us know if you have a preference. 

Rentals include use of a kayak, seat*, paddle with leash and lifejacket. 


Perception Kayaks: 13.6 ft long (holds 1-3 people with molded middle seat), 34 in wide, 78 lbs, 550 lb max

Enjoy Kayak: 12 ft long (holds 1-3 people with molded middle seat), 35 in wide, 75 lbs, 500 lb max weight 

Lifetime Kayak*: 6 ft long, 24 in wide, 18 lbs, 130 lb max weight    

Ocean Kayak: 12 ft long, 29 in wide, 51 lbs, 300-350 lb max weight 

Ocean Kayak:  12’7” long, 32.5” wide, 56 lbs, 450-500 lbs max weight 

Pelican: 10 ft long, 30 in wide, 40 lbs, 300 lb max weight

Sun Dolphin Kayak*: 6.6ft long, 26.5 in wide, 22 lbs, 140 lb max weight

Vanhunks: 9 ft long, 32 in wide, 51 lbs,  330 lb max weight

* Seat not included.

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