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We enjoy guiding folks, both young and old, to Florida’s rich fossil hunting grounds in remote locations, but when that may not be possible we bring the fossils, fun  and hands on experience to you.  Amazement, is the best word to describe the excitement on our clients' faces as they discover they just dug up a piece of Florida's prehistoric past. What would your facial expression be if you just discovered a one inch hemipristis (snaggletooth shark) tooth? It’s sometimes mind-boggling to realize that tooth and millions of others lie beneath the surface of the Peace River, a freshwater river, which runs through our state for 106 miles. Again, fossil hunting events are generally held outside in remote locations, which can be a challenge for schools and other groups to reach based on the cost of chaperones, buses, travel time to and from the sites so we are happy to bring the fossil hunting experience to you. 


H2O Adventures & More created a cost-effective fossil hunting experience for students and without having to leave the classroom. Schools often teach Earth history about geological events and fossil records but when we live a state with a rich fossil history bringing those tangible fossils dug directly from our rivers and oceans for students to see and touch, it takes learning to a different level. Our in-school field trip provides students an introduction to Florida’s geological and prehistoric past where they can discover fossils commonly found in our state.  


What is the cost and what does the program include?
The cost is $15 per child. Our adventure guide will conduct a brief presentation about the fossil hunting process, students will play a round of fossil bingo, which introduces them to being able to identify fossils, which they will search for in a mini fossil hunting experience after bingo. If you’re wondering, yes there is a prize for fossil bingo. Each student will also receive a bag of bingo markers (fossilized shark teeth), which they will get to keep as well as, any fossils they find in their hunt, an H2O Adventures & More ruler, pencil and a sticker. 

How long is the program?
                                  The presentation, fossil bingo and fossil hunt will take approximately 45 minutes (typically a class period).                                          This is based on class participation and allowable time for questions and answers.

Are there any presentation materials and if so, when will I receive them?
Once we receive your reservation request, you will be contacted to confirm the date and time for your event. After confirmation and full payment, you will receive a digital copy of relevant informational handouts, which may be used in conjunction with the teacher’s lesson plan before/after our event. 

When and how do we pay for the field trip?
Once your event is confirmed we will create an invoice and email same to you. A deposit of $50 is required to hold the date and shall be paid within 48 hours of the confirmation. The balance on the invoice must be paid 14 days prior to the event date. Payment shall be completed via electronic means, through Square, Venmo or PayPal, links for all are available on our website under the “MAKE A PAYMENT" tab. 

What is the cancellation policy? 
         Emergencies happen and we realize that, but if we have to cancel your event, you will receive a full refund. However, if you decide to cancel,                      we require one (1) week notice from the event date in order for you to receive a refund, minus the $50.00 deposit and a $5.00 transaction fee.                   If a deposit is never received and there is no communication, the event date will be released. If you must reschedule, please contact us as soon                 as possible to avoid any cancellation fees.  Additionally, if a student(s) / individual(s) present themselves in an unsafe manner, are disrespectful           to the guide, damage or destroy our materials H2O Adventures & More has the right to refuse further participation in the activity, there will be no consideration for a refund and charges for damaged materials will be invoiced.

Are discounts offered? 
Yes, we offer a multi class discount of 10% off for groups of 100+.

How do I schedule an in-school field trip? 

Please email your request, to include the name of your school, date, time(s), and number of students who will participate in the in-school field trip.          Email your request to Please allow us 24 hours to reply. 

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