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H2O Rocks

Where will you find or hide one?


H2O Ducks


                                                                          Welcome to H2O Rocks & Ducks!
We love the idea of decorating then hiding our rocks and/or fossils for others to find as it allows us to be creative, interact with others and put smiles on faces. We would love for you to join in the fun with us and encourage you to invite your friends, family or group to have some fun too. We also love playing Duck, Duck, Jeep with fellow Jeepers. 


-  If you find one of our decorated rocks/fossils please visit our H2O Rocks & Ducks Facebook page, post a photo and mention
where you found it. 
-  If you decide to keep the rock/fossil please replace it with your own H2O theme decorated rock. If you choose to replace it please decorate your rock, write on the back with a permanent marker “H2O Rocks & Ducks on FB" then seal it so your design so it stays beautiful. Before you hide it please take a photo, post it on Facebook and comment #outgoing. 
-  Please keep decorations H2O themed (see our FB page H2O Adventures & More for ideas)
-  Do not remove undecorated rocks from businesses or private property unless you have permission.
-  Do not hide rocks in grassy or sandy areas where they may be covered up. Pick an area that it’s likely to be found like by a door, walkway, sign or post. 

We look forward to seeing some fabulous designs, happy faces and to see how far our rocks/fossils will travel. Once a month we will choose the best decorated rock that was found and if your design is chosen we will make it the cover photo and send you a little something.  

-  If you receive a duck please visit the H2O Rocks & Ducks Facebook page then post the city where you were ducked and display it in your OIIIIIIIO. 
-  If you receive a duck with a tag please scan, "like" and "follow" us on Facebook then recycle the tag for a new duck (if you want to duck someone). 
-  If releasing a duck with a recycled tag please visit the H2O Rocks & Ducks Facebook page and post a photo with #outgoing.

The important things are to be creative, have fun and spread joy!
If you do not “like” and/or “follow” us on Facebook please consider doing so.  

I hope to adventure with you soon.  ~Ryn~✌🏻❤️🌊🤿🦈🦷☀️😎🏝🦀🐠OIIIIIIIO

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