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Shark Tooth Grab Bag (small)

Shark Tooth Grab Bag (small)

SKU: 0420008

Can’t get near any fossils and need a quick solution? We offer a mini or small mixed variety of shark teeth for you to sort through. Teeth are from the Peace River and Venice and will come in a bag of beach gravel. Small bag has approx. 50 teeth


    The teeth in your small or large grab bag will be filled with a mixture of authentic fossilized shark teeth that were found in the Peace River and/or the Gulf of Mexico. 


    Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds, but will be glad to exchange the product within 30 days if returned unworn and/or in a new condition, as it was sold.


    Shipping is available for an additional fee. However, if you purchase additional products we will combine shipping so you do not have additional costs. How about FREE delivery? We will be happy to hand deliver your purchase for FREE if you have an upcoming adventure with us.  

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