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What they've said...

“I recommend this tour 100%. H20 adventure & more just the best.” KR

“Ryn is very helpful and friendly. She is super knowledgeable about fossil hunting. She is an expert when it comes to paddling the Peace River and is very safety conscious regarding water levels, etc. I would highly recommend supporting this woman-owned adventure business.”LN

"Awesome 👏🏻 Thank you so much! GREAT PHOTOS. I will be posting them as well! Thank you Zack and I both had a blast 💥" ES

"I agree Rein and H2Oadventures are a treasure 🔱" GS

"Thanks again. It was just what I needed" MW

"Those are some great pictures!!!  JA

"We had a wonderful time. It was great meeting you. I really enjoyed our conversation. We will differently be in contact with you to do some more awesome adventures." AF

"Perfect weather and good company made for a fun day a digging. We are so happy with our treasures and look forward to more trips in the future." CO

"Had an amazing time" DC

"I loved it, never liked canoeing" DM

"Cant wait to see the pics. Look forward to our next trip" DJ

“ I had so much fun on the Peace River!! Found tons of shark teeth big and small as well as several different types of bones and shells ☺️will definitely take another tour. Highly recommend!!  SH

"Thank you so much! We all had a great time." HG

“ I had a great time on the Fossil Hunting kayak trip with Ryn o the Peace River. affirdably price, well conducted, friendly… highly recommend!” SR 

“Thank you so much. I was just telling my neighbors what a great experience it was and how helpful/ on top of it you were. Truly appreciate it. The boat was comfortable overall. I had a little trouble adjusting the seat, but mostly because my hips were in the way. But great trip and boat. Thanks. “ MJ

“It was great, thanks so much!”MM

“Great pics! Thank you again, so much! Had a great time & will definitely be calling you again” SM

“Thanks so much! It was great fun “ CG

“Hey! thanks so much for taking us out there today. Sucks that the weather didnt agree with us. We still had such a fun time finding shark teeth. any way we could get some of the pictures you took today?” DM

“Thank you so much! We had fun and the view was amazing. Ty for the experience and the pics!” LM

“I def got scared I’ll admit but it was an interesting experience and let’s just say I got the scary out of the way! 😂😂. I will come back and I joined a meet up with a couple of the more experienced gals there. I just looked online this morning to buy my own kayak and gear to bring along. You were super sweet and fun. You will see me again soon for sure! Ready to do it again.” PG

“Thank you so much. It Was great meeting you guys” MA

“I am glad I went. Definitely something I'll do again.” HG

"Good times. Thanks again what a great trip!"NR

"Thank you so much for having me! It was so nice to get out. I had a blast." ML.

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